Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Celebrated lover's bday ytd.Lover cheer up leh.Y lyk tat?De cake is kinda creamy but more bout de rich part uh?Photos not wit me again.

Having headache so Woke up quite late 2day lyk 12+ after so many days of not enough sleep i still feel tired leh.Lyk forever not enough sleep one-.- Told mummy i wanna go library but well so late wake up forget it la.Shhh!Washed up n headed to occ to have a pool session wit clarence,weilun,xun n pann came for awhile too.Shiok man play so long.Lyk for 4 hrs?First few games lyk shit man!I didnt play well.Warm up ma rite not?Haha den after tat still ok.I won ok!!!Bleahz~ Den headed hm after tat.Boring@_@ Slacked,paint nails,got nagged at, shower n eat so here i am now.

2moro got work leh.De day after 2moro oso.De day after 2moro de 2moro oso.Aiya 5 days straight la.Working at IT fair for first 2 days nia.Cuz last 2 days got my own workplace de work.Or not got more cash leh.Nvm luh better den nth ma.IM not workaholic is juz tat i have no other choice.If im cleverer i would go give tuition which brings in more income.Bloody hell.Well blame myself den.I'll be a poor teacher anw ppl say i've got no patience la teach too fast la very hot tempered la.Wat else?Gosh disatrous.

Lover i wanna c ur smile again ok?Girlf jiayou for ur o's uh.Piggy whatever thing need a listening ear i'll be here((: n Birdy i dunno wat to say since u seems to be so happy go lucky but thankQ for everything.


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