Monday, September 7, 2009

I've got a confession!I've been unfaithful so long n i feel super duper bad.But ouh well hu cares?Back to wher im n should be.
I doubt tat thr'll be any loyal readers here anw.So boring ma.

Ytd went to chalet n wanted to stay over guys 2 got drunk n made a fool out of themselves.End up left wit de girls lyk 1am plus n stayed over at girlf's hse wit dinika.Pics are wit girlf cuz she's cam-whoring all de way.Nap for lyk an hr till around 4am den go meet hongtat they'll eat breakfast den send him to de airport.He'll be gone for 6 weeks man.Well very fast de ok.Hm-ed n slept for 3 hrs before gg to work.Sian uh i noe.AFternoon shift.zzz.Endured n over wit de day.

Once again.Happy birthday lover!
Later gotta miss movie(G-force.)Sorry my lover.Hope u will enjoy ur day uh.I'll be thr somehow ok?Meanwhile w/o me thr MUZ miss me wor!!!

Frm here onwards u can ignore.Juz wanna pen done my confused thots...Not directed to anyone or whatsoever.Juz me wanting to say things to release...
I really really dun understand leh.Can lyk enlighten me?Im juz feeling so afraid.I juz keeo asking myself wat's wit these.Hot n cold treatment.I rather if wan care care all de way if not dun give me a feeling tat u'll always be thr.I fucking hate empty promises.Ouh well i might be selfish for all i dunno.Juz tat i dun feel tat anymore.Juz when i needed my pillar of support de most.Im one who love to be dote on.Screw all these shit man!Made me hopeless many a time.Wanna cry so much but held back my tear in fear tat tis wont come to an end.I felt so much yet dunno how n who to say to.Cuz im simply too over protective of myself i noe tat.Immunity is juz excuses to avoid possibility to de worse.Insanity would be a better way.To not bother much since as said who cares...

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