Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hey ppl im back frm chalet!!!miss me not?sure do rite?HAha

3days was indeed SHORT!i wished it was longer.Always time flies when thr's enjoyment n fun.

First day
Checked in late cuz im late.Only lyk me alvin n ernest waiting for de rest to come.Alvin taught ernest majong den after one game sian liao went up to de room to enjoy de aircon n played poker instead.Tired liao tried to sleep but failed.DEn lyk 7 plus de rest came.At nite already lyk high liao but not super la.Most sian is i got de worse gastric i ever had n poor alvin n ernest pei me sit in subway for lyk 20 mins after eating,waiting for de pain to subside.Den went to watch de movie wher got ghost.3 in 1 damn lame sia tat show.And i got scared anw at some parts.Haha.After tat de guys went for bowling session den me n bel sit to watch them bowl.Headed back for some games n drink after tat.Very hiong man when playing true or dare.Starting all truth de de rest dunno y become dare liao.Slept for an hr or so awhile den breakfast at mac?i dunno which order sia i got stm so which comes first n later nvm la uh.

2nd day
in de morning some of us tat are awaked already went to buy food for de bbq.Lyk 8 of us go but end up 5 of us stood in de middle of fairprice chatting while only alvin jonald n karhao continue to buy those food.Went back n de rest were up so after some of them had ended de game of majong lyk half of us headed to www while de rest go archade n stuffs.HAd some fun before coming back to start fire for de bbq at nite.Mr eddie yeou n mr tbs came too.Mr eddie yeou left after de bbq while mr tbs stayed to play majong wit de majong clans till lyk de next morning la.Me cmi liao so sleep but woke up cuz to0 cold liao n found myself some space to sleep on de mattress downstairs while majong is still gg on.

Last day
Woke up around 7 n chat n stuffs before de rest wake up lyk 8 den pack n stuffs n checked out.De trip hm is lyk gosh!Standing n sleeping man.Not as tired as jonald n alvin n jewell thou.Every stop de door open my eyes opened.When de door close my eyes closed.Tried not not sleep instead cuz keep opening n closing my eyes very jialat but failed.Bounced back to sleep for de rest of de journey hm.

And while sleeping before gg for de movie i got woke up by darling's msg.Aiyo very irritating de leh u noe.So replied half heartedly while being in sub-consciousness.Haha.Watched de proposal quite nice or i wont tear(a bit).Go beancurd city eat den back hm again.Sian sia 2moro got work sat n sun too n all afternoon!!!Nvm i can one^^
Btw all de pics are wit lynn n ernest.

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