Friday, October 16, 2009

Got hm quite late after work.Left de store at lyk wat?11pm?Poor shira sch at 8am 2moro.Uncle roland treat uh curry puffs.woohoo!Everybody is lyk freaking hungry liao.Stupid!crazy! idiotic!n fucking irritating bimbos!Try to screw me n i'll do it twice as bad to u bitch!I aint easy to push rite not shira?Chill.Dun give me tat kinda arrogant bitchy look n actions.U think u very pretty uh?Go take a look at de mirror urself la ouh pls!De mirror dun crack gd enough le ok.UR frens are much prettier den u yet they're not as bad as u.Act one gd eng juz becuz u have caucasian frens?U wanna give me a hard time fyi i dun do nice.Not happy wit me?Fucking write a feedback form i dun care!Im juz doing wat im suppose to do.

Chilling lucky my temper n attitude got change uh.If u arent singaporean den u jolly well respect n follow de rules n regulations here if yes well arent u ashamed to call urself one?Inconsiderate n uncivilised person u are!Humph!Angry finish liao.I bet lover's gonna comment something bout tis post uh.Haha.Tis yr's sales is even worse den last yr's.N it's only midseason-.- *faint.God damn it!Fed up sia but ouh well used to it used to it.Juz lemme complain a bit n i'll be fine.Haha.Sorry for those cursings n vulgarities.Very unbecoming of a girl n not refined.Ouh well i dun really give a damn dun lyk me fine wit me.I will be when i need to be.Lyk me or not u decide.Im ok wit it.I dun have to change into someone tat's not myself at all.Ppl love me for hu i am.Dun be jealous kae.Hahaha~

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