Monday, October 19, 2009

Sch starts 2day n im lyk still hols mood leh)): 2day de lessona all so sian.OK la but de first lesson de lec DR.K.Badri was kinda funny.(slap yourself)Haha.Morning i was early man n was a lil bored n dilys text-ed me asking wat time i start lesson n same as her so i meet her go sch together lorx.Haha n one stats theory lec notes cuz bloody $8.10 is lyk so ex n all lec notes added up to 29++ .Woah but no choice ma.Classes mostly ended early so after sch went to amk for pedi n mani(once in a while pamper myself ma) n to buy thing but didnt found wat i wan so after being a princess for an hr went to np to get wat i wan.I a bit rough uh my mani got scratches liao.Hehe^^Den headed hm.

Should have asked dilys along rite not?U're so bored to de max.Haha sorry la i didnt noe u got nth on i thot u wit ur frens.2moro lesson fucking early la!8am till 4pm)): den after sch work.Nvm lluhi look forward to after sch go 18 chef wit dilys for dinner.Haha fat fat lorx!Bleahz xp

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