Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sooo tired!I keep saying i wanna change my blogskin but i keep dun have de time to do it.Ouh well probably after all projects n exams ba.I think i found de flavour of de victoria's secret body mist alr!Haha i hope im right.But it's $5 more den those sold at de airport wher de duty free area is.But diff luh u pay air ticket go in get de price cheaper outside much ex oso alright luh.Cuz no departmental stores hold tis product.Unless purchase it online lorx.I didnt get it at de airport cuz they dun have de flavour im looking for)): I wanna chopchop get all projects done.Sometimes it's understandable tat it's not easy to get everybody's agreement bout smth but still try to talk things out.I very pek chek uh!

Dun judge me nor make any assumptions bout me, less u practically noe me inside out!I doubt so cuz my mood is juz lyk de wind,my mind is juz lyk tornados n my heart is juz lyk a maze.Say u will when u really will.

And it's really irritating when u expect a reply n thr's none.If busy say luh at least not being lyk a fool waiting.For me i didnt reply muz ask me again cuz i tend to have real poor memory.IDK WHY!!!I'll eat more berries yea?

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