Friday, May 7, 2010

Crazy wk.Sch is sucha chore.Well,anw i kinda survived it.Juz tuts,lecs,projects n quizzes.Wat a wk uh?Last day to go~And i say i wouldnt sleep till nite end up de moment i reach hm,i was fast asleep on de sofa.I had 3 hrs of nap.Mad shiokness!Still tired thou)):

Juz now before midnight was funny.Birdy was lyk first time all 5 of us de animal family as a whole online.So nan de leh.Den they keep talk crap say hu slow n stuffs when they didnt actually realise i wasnt talking but only added to de convo.So till i finished wit my phone call den i talk to them n they say i slow.By right not my fault leh.So we were lyk talking till me n girlf find it irritating tat birdy keep talking bout de goggles as if i would forget after girlf's reminder!

Den suddenly de convo turn to swimming one liao.Girlf damn funny cn!She will drown.Yea den birdy say de fats will make her float or smth lyk tat.Den now de worse is i forgot wats de funny part.Lover?U continue for me!haha.Lover!!!i really got stmWat made us laugh uh tat we gotta blog bout it?Gosh yet i forgot!!!Remind me i'll update(cont'd)KAe kae kae???

End up lover lost!Birdy quite cuz de nyp ppl are chatting.Tis girlf uh,aiyo.blur ttm!3rd wk of sch still cnt find her way arnd-.-Ouh well girlf is girlf.Forever one she.Meet up soon for chicken rice n htht session i miss u guys!And my pri sch fren HATADI FAIZ is still him man.Annoying everyone as before but i miss him leh.And pri sch times.Haha.We cn be damn lame-.- I simply love my frens.They made my days livelier n more fun.

And yes!no need wake up at 8am for swimming tis sat cuz im working at 12pm again n it's too rush.Woohoo!!!Swimming session wit jas every wed after sch too.But hor jas u btr swim!Dun down thr lovey dovey wit ur bb den ps me!

I wan go shopping it's payday 2day!Awesome!But not awesome to not able to spend all of my pay.Save yea.

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