Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Overslept again when lesson is lyk @1pm-.- too tired le luh.But got absorb abit during lesson.Biz fin teacher srsly cmi sia.Den de law teacher is lyk so fast!haha i've been a useless module rep man.tut not done den everything oso lyk randy do de sai kang job for me.Hahaha.But not my fault ma is teacher call him de oso not me.She forgot tat me tis module rep existed man or am i too bad a stud?Idk luh.Den de khairul uh in class wat i say oso wan rebut me.HUmph!Irritating only.Haha.

And i feel so stupid!Class really got smart ppl sia.Lyk xuan n randy.Didnt do tut in class bomb oso cn one.And me?I feel so lost in class.My brain lyk think very slow leh.Fuck!Im damn angry at myself.Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went dhouby wit jas cuz she pei me go thr pay bills n den pei her shop arnd.She got herself wat she wan n she's happy but i seems so bad sia.Make her buy so much but she buy 3 items only spend lyk $65.If me uh 3 items maybe might exceed $100 man.And walk walk till neulook n saw tis top tat i've been looking for very long n tis jas uh noe i no money haven get pay still force me go try.And guess wat?Damn i look gd in it.Im so gonna get it when i got my pay!!!Thou it's juz a simple top but idk how to say.Nice lorx.And im oso gonna get de bodycon tube tunic(dunno de description)at ts.Still got mummy's bday tis mth.Awww man.Nvm luh.

Swimming 2moro after sch wit jas.But project first-.- sian sian sian.Bo bian oso.Kae luh gotta do my marketing tut n research on project alrd.

Random but i realise n found out tat jas n i got quite some bit in common leh.Haha.Awesome!

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