Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Suppose to meet wiki grp members at 830 to discuss a few last mins stuffs n i was late:x let aswin de earliest person wait for me n soey.Cheryl was fuming man.Sry cheryl:x dun angry le alright?My bad tat i was late n cause them to wait for me luh n made u took cab down n end up no one turns upyet.Srsly cheryl's words n actions made me think alot.She made me really wanna change.Frm now on!I'll be more self-disciplined.I've made improvement!Cheryl, thou i noe her for arnd 1 mth n chat wit her a few times i find tat she's a real nice girl.Idk how to say but kinda diff.Maybe her thinking more mature.Hardly i notice ppl much until we became closer.She's one girl tat got my admiration.In certain ways-.- dun think de wrong way.

Stupid presentation i think too long didnt present im so nervouos tat i pronounced wrongly a word(publicly) 3 times!Gosh!How embarrassing~I totally screwed my presentation @ de first part.Den behind my speech became more smooth.

Marketing n efma lec after tat and headed to work.And HENDRICK FOO is being so annoying 2day!

I texted him cuz i walked passed n stop by his class to talk to jewell n xy n he pinched me so i said:pinch me!Him:miss me!!
Me:ya how u noe?Him:too bad!!(1st annoyance)
Me:argh!u end at 1 rite?(i noe im juz asking purposely)Him:yep.
Me:gg anywhr after sch.?Him:dunno,i thot u working?
Me:ya wanna send me to work?Him:NO!>.<(2nd annoyance)
Me:ok lorx(thot u was disturbing me)Him:Haha.lazy luh
Me:ok.I was kinda sad n i didnt noe wat else to reply.so our msg stop here.
But end of sch bumped into him n he walked me to de mrt station.

Work 2day pissed me off!Was so irritated but i kinda managed to keep it down.After a nong nong day of sch n work me n colleagues went to bugis mac to eat cinnamon melts!Awesome^^ And den trained back n meet de annoying one n hm-edd.

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