Sunday, June 27, 2010

Went out wit dilys on tue 22/06/10 n tis is my fav photo among all cuz i had one of my best smiles among de pics taken((:

So red hor?omg luh idk wat happened.Either cuz of dustyness n i keep touch my eyes or cuz i use expired solution n i forgot bout it.No worries i've thrown it away and replace wit a new one.Thx to de redness im became fugly duckling.For one day is alrd bad enough.It's gotta be more den a day))))): sad ttm.I've got comments lyk:u still look cute(juz to make me less whiny),u look lyk a nerd n u look older a few yrs,u look decent(wats de implied term?

dun go rnd de bushes).Argh...I cnt stand it.But for pretty eyes sake well.

Sian uh 2moro sch start alrd.Wish term break was longer.Projects heading to nowhr.Jialat:/ Muz add more oil liao.Getting back test results.Hope i did ok.Efma cuz me to be upset.Not disappointed cuz i did my best.First wk first day first lesson plus monday blues is sucha "awesome" lesson-.-

Sometimes too much of inquisitiveness aint gd.Idk if im being concerned or wat.Too sensitive oso no gd...I everyday eat vinegar luh tats y.Trying to let myself feel less affected.

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