Friday, July 2, 2010

Tis wk had been a fast wk.In de blink of an eye it's de last day of de sch wk.Projects lyk aiyo.I juz wanna hurry up get done wit de 2 which submittion is due next tue.Ouh btw ppl cn help me do survey for my marketing one?If do pls do it properly.ThankQ ur help n cooperation, its greatly appreciated((:

part 1(qns 1-10):
part 2(qns 11-14)

I dun rmb much of de wk except time passed super fast.5 study wk tis term n study break liao.One wk of sch is gonna end in arnd 16 hrs or so.I btr get started wit de bks first.Easier said den done-.- Many many things i wanna do but i juz dun have so much time)): sobsob.And ytd was debating bout time wit baby.U've got to understand both ways aint easy for me but im trying.And yes i did put myself in ur shoes n think frm ur pt of view.In de end,we both have thot of ways alternatively.We juz have to try to make things work.I believe we cn do it^^

Am giving a srs thot bout getting one more job.After exam of cuz.Hope tep will be half shift first den i got more time.Ask me to quit my current job(which is wat baby tried to tell me to do) im not thinking of it yet.Work thr for more den 1 and a half yr got feelings one leh.Plus i've learn a lot of things thr.Be it practically,or by word of mouth.Im brought n taught n exposed to de insights of life n human nature.I love it.I've learn to become more patient and tolerant compared to de old me.Working thr change me n my attitude.Ppl thr were awesome ppl i met.

Thou part timers are juz part timers but it's kinda lyk my passion cuz it's de fashion industry n all along i loved n to dream of being a fashion designer n noe tis dream would not come true being in sucha realistic world n in a country lyk Singapore.Im not some one hu dress awesomely n impressive but it comes within de heart ma.To me simplicity is beauty.I noe wat i suit n not.Well dun say le luh juz let me dream on till i cnt anymore:/

I hope i'll make it right tis time round((:


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