Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Had marketing presentation 8am super early in de morning n my grp was de first to go.Ji tao die man.Lecturer was lyk u'll see how mean i am ltr.Gotta start n de only guy in my grp haven reach.Thot GG liao man.Den de 1st speaker start a few sentence he came in.Thank god!Being de last speaker aint gd man.Gotta rush still nvm(thx to de 1st speaker lorx) stil kan jiong till mispronounced some words.

3 grp members didnt sleep at all.Power man.At least i had 2 hrs or so.But 1 rite power till beyond expectation.grp discussion didnt contribute much,doing her consolidating part which cn be done at hm-.- end up de finishing part we oso help her do.ppt let her do cuz she did too lil.GIve her chance alrd wanna mark her down liao.Den ytd de whole day she didnt come sch.Got de whole day to do ppt.End up ppt got prob during midnight.Nvm leh redo one faster den de previous one,but i swear is damn damn damn cui one.Q&A kana tekan till jialat jialat.NICE one luh.Damn screw lorx.Should be get C liao luh.Other grps one so wow.Althou all grp de Q&A all not too gd but ppt definitely our cn even fight uh!ANGRY~

After sch napped awhile den went for evening movie(Despicable Me).Agnes is so god damn adorable.TTM!"Is this considered as irritating?('pok tok pok tok pok tok')Thru de whole show im lyk awww~so freaking cute!!!And she got bangs even cuter!De whole cinema de full n filled wit laughter.I say de best cartoon movie i've ever watched.DEn dinner n hm-ed.

Ouh ya i finally found my red BB cover after searching for so long!simply n chio cuz de colour is so nice^^ i love it!

Im finally gg for jap class 2moro cuz my attendance is lyk 86%.OUh well anw it's de last 2-3 wks of sch alrd.Hope my role play grp members are nice=x cuz both i oso dunno them.Will be sleeping after i finish painting my toe nails.


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