Saturday, July 10, 2010

Went xiaolongbao buffet wit jewell,xy,ernest and sam at holland's crystal jade.Lyk finally!Ernest damn monster i swear.Order so much xiaolongbao when i had 2 baskets n alrd sick of it liao.While eating many funny things happened.I dun exactly rmbed de most epic one.Ouh ya!Xiuyi one.De waitress serve de baskets of xiaolongbao right den xy wanted to pout some over at sam n jewell's side cuz too squeezy n guess wat?She suddenly dropped de whole basket on de table n it fell towards jewell n made her jumped.Den we all laughed n she said sry uh too hot alrd.Den next rnd she didnt dare to handle them.

Jewell most poor thing liao.All kana attacked unintentionally buy 3 of us(me,xy n ernest).After tat we all headed hm.Freaking full i swear.My stomach lyk bursting liao.And ernest next time dun so greedy noe ur tummy cnt dun order so much!Tsk.

A quarrel tat made me super unhappy.We're lyk bickering over a trivial matter.Ok maybe de prob lies wit me.My fault.But do i wan it to?
Even if really im demanding n annoying cnt u juz give in a lil more?All i ask for is u to be a lil more sensitive towards me.Dun so petty can?I didnt mean it ok.
Jun asked me to give in n i didnt ans back.U should noe pretty well i mostly give in.I cnt get angry at u for long.U ask urself luh.Srsly am i not doing enough for u?

Dun take advantage of me juz becuz u noe i cnt get angry at u for long.And dun ever ever take it for granted.U noe things u said sometimes tat made it sound so easy ur way will bring me doubt?Den tell u n thr u'll go saying i dun trust n stuff.Cmon luh.U should jolly well noe how im lyk.I mean as u said nobody is perfect.Im willing to look beyond ur imperfections to find de perfectness within.U juz have to take time n a lil more effort to noe me a lil btr.

U gave urself a chance.I gave myself a chance too.So lets make it work out right.

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