Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jap role play ltr at 1pm!Scared i forget all my lines.And worse is idk if i noe when's my turn to speak.Shucks!Gg crazy memorizing those lines n rmb-in de actions to do.Ouh well hurry up fri den mon den im happy alrd!Cuz all test,projects n whatever is all over.Only left a mth to finals.Gotta start studying early tis time rnd.NO excuses.Noe y?Cuz exam timetable suck ttm!I've got 5 papers.3 theoretical.Tis isnt tat bad.De worse is i've got 4 consecutive papers!Wan last min oso cnt luh!Gd oso luh.Btr prepare in advance is safer.Well last time of memorizing n im off to bed!Lesson at 8am ltr.
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