Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sch is only less den an hr 2day.Self declare no lec 2day n law tutor called to say she wasnt feeling well n giving us half-time.So lesson starts at 3pm when she said 2.45pm-.- Den classmates are lyk asking is teacher still coming?Cuz at 2.55pm she's not yet in class.Xuan best say might as well cancel.Felt lyk gg for pool after sch but no khakis.Xuan asked me to go fareast wit her n her fren but i dun feel lyk gg so far.Got 2 khakis luh but end up lyk bored only n met jewell n xueru outside shopping archade.End up pei them go buy food n went to their class back wit them.See them play monopoly me stoning,watching,laughing at their jokes.B doing his cs project den come disturb me only.

Despite feeling unwell still dun feel lyk gg hm.B went to work at 5pm xiuyi left not long after n i hung arnd till 6 plus wit them to pei xueru.Jewell feel lyk drinking double choco n decided to htht wit her.End up her classmate yongseng suggest go watch blood pledge n we(well,yongseng n marcus) went to amk for de 7.30pm show.I swear her classmate yongseng is hell funny.Archade movie n archade.Had so much fun n laughter.And my sickness forgotten.Arnd 10pm train-ed hm wit jewell.

I wan thu to hurry up be over!Last ica(jap) and break before exam.Working add'l one more day but still gonna study n have fun!I hope n is determine to make myself study earlier tis time rnd.Cuz de exam timetable suck ttm!Consecutively 4 days of paper wit 1 more paper before those 4.I srsly need help for fin n i damn scared for law cuz de paper weightage is 60%.Ya omg!

2moro swimming wit jas after marketing^^ been 3 mths alrd=x getting fatter arnd my tummy)):

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