Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our uniform change again.But not to a diff design but de same one,except a diff colour.Tis is much btr.Cuz i look btr in tis colour den de purple one^^ SMURFS

dun mind those shoes.
ahlah de red n purpke extra only.
Sigh im fucking lazy these few wks.Especially tis sem i slack lyk way alot.Den ltr exam liao den regret-.- I wanna start early n i always tell myself to but i dun seems to be able to do so.I need more determination!Can someone catch de lazy bug on me n throw it far far away???

Marketing project due next wk n my grp is only at de survey part-.- Zzz...Die n i dun have sat,sun nor mon to do it.Fuck!And guess wat?To add on i've got efma ica3 next mon.3 lecs to be tested.How awesome?Den de following wk got crm project to hand in n yes my jap ica3-role play.
I gets tired easily recently.Unable to pay attn for long.Daphne u gotta wake up!Time wouldnt stop for u!Gonna do smth bout it n i mean it.

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