Friday, July 2, 2010

TGIF NOT!A sch wk has come to an end.Real fast.Jas cheat my feelings say wan take pic wit me.I forgot bout it too.Late for class again.Die 2day teacher mark me late if next wk late again 2 zeros means i got 3 absent n for sure kana warning letter=x Marketing oso attendance i think lyk shit.Omg i really cnt late for tis 2 lesson alrd.Crm is boring)): theory theory n more theory.Went to have lunch wit baby before his lesson start den go find jas they all.

Slacking in some empty tut room n jasper show horror movie on his lappy.Ppl hu watched horror movie wit me before u should noe.At a part i screamed very loud n i scared de rest.Haha.Well tats me>.< Wanted to skip law as yt suggested but i didnt.Teacher say impt cuz remedies always come out n students find it difficult.I really pray tat remedies is my remedy!I managed to pay attn to de whole of law lec n actually understood wat teacher's saying*pat myself on de head*.I normally feel lost cuz teacher gg too fast alrd.

After sch meet jewell n ernest(his waiting outside my class)n head to lot1 n slack.Actually is to eat dinner together but we all not very hungry so juz slack.Thr open a new kbox at cck centre.We went to check it out n de deco of de kbox thr is real diff frm de rest.Nice.Jewell keep pyscho me to go wit her but cash tight so i ask her to get her fren instead.Next time ba sweetie.After slacking for awhile more ernest meet his frens for movie n jewell's to kbox i train-ed hm alone.So boring.Got a sit n took it n i almost overslept my stop.Too tired alrd luh keep having not enough sleep.Gonna finish my finance summary 2day n im done wit it!Got ammendments to make thou.TSK!

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