Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hi readers!Bet u guys muz be missing me badly n eager to read my next post rite?hehehe^^ Been busy working n gg out to enjoy myself tis wk before i gotta get my butt up n study for de exams which is lyk in arnd 3 wks time!Gosh i btr clear all n do well man.I dun wanna waste my time n money retaking any modules!

I told sham i cn work extra one more day in de wk n i kinda regret it.Means i have lesser time to enjoy on de first wk of yog hols n study.Lyk act guai only uh?haha.Been working for staright 6 days so time for me to off n rest my engine!Batt dying low.Life had been pretty much mediocre except for some real down moments.Which made me confused n helpless wit myself.Idk is sometimes to trust my heart or my mind.Ouh well ouh well.Still looking for de answer which i hope to made my choice n decision a btr one.

And ya! i saw tis devil or angel lyk bb silicon cover lyk those they have for iphones at amk!And thr's red n tt means im so gonna get it!haha.I dun care if i alrd got a red silicon cover.So cute can!*grins*
So gg to swimming 2moro.Weather pls be nice to me=x

if it's meant to be,it will.

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