Monday, October 25, 2010

Year 2, Sem 2, Day 1

First day of sch n im alrd bored.Lyk hols till so shiok den sch.Module mates all so quiet one.Only my own classmates very noisy in class.Laugh laugh jk jk thank god thr're em in my class.3 hrs of break is a freaking waste of time srsly.Tsk!Been to busy wit work n gg out lately i hardly have time to sit in frnt of de com to type whatever im thinking.When i still have my bb i cn blog whenever i wan to fb or twitter even.Now?Forget it man.Sigh i wanna hurry get another one)): Still fucking sad.Might probably get de white one?Shall bring lappy 2moro!

Past few days prob arise n it's god damn srs.De lvl of seriousness is to de extended tt we almost ended.I couldnt watch it end.Couldnt bear to n didnt wan to.Sigh i noe it was my fault.I told u everything i wan in de letter alrd.I hope i cn do whatever its possible to make u believe tt i cn do it agn.

Sch's boring at 9am everyday tt i need to go back.Next wk ica alrd.Hope i'll do well for it.Dun wanna screw it up tis time rnd.I would love de day wit no sch n no work n i cn sleep in till any time i wan to n do everything i wan to((: Ouh n cn lyk payday hurry up come alrd?So broke le.Trying to lyk not eat so much n buy so much stuffs to faster get my new bb.These few days eat oso waste money one.Keep having de runs.Lyk early tis morning tt caused me to be late for class-.- on de first day of sch somemore.Haiyo~

And im still considering bout de offer n waiting for de person to call me for further details.Most probably a new environment might be a btr change to learn more new things?
I miss my frens)): girlf,lover,qad,bff n many more!

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