Tuesday, October 12, 2010

These are some of de overdued pics since last wed,06 oct 2010.

That nite was real miserable wit all sorts of mixed emotions.Wanna get drunk badly but i cnt.It only get me gg to de ladies more often.Wat more my phone failed me.It went dead on me)): Bumped into kathy n she gave me a hug.Awww..Bernice was thr wit kathy n didnt even noe.Oh well,small world.And ya i forgot my mention my girlfriend went high ttm!Totally lyk a crazy woman on the loose.

Now these days were either work or out having fun.Cnt get over de fact tt sch's starting!Hate nyp's system.Always last min.My timetable is unavailable because im having TEP tis sem.Got to wait till the briefing on next monday.

Had a short lil convo with evelyn ytd at work.She made me wonder n got me thinking.She didnt know what she want to do in future n her mom gave her an idea.To write in a fashion magazine.How awesome is tt?Very!And apparently she's working towards tt aim.And come to think of it,idk about my own future.Results lyk cmi.No goal n nth in life tt'll make me persevere n motivated to work towards it.I really dunno what would become of me.Im lyk maybe not even a jack of all trades,what more being a master of one.I maybe should really explore n start discovering.Time will just keep gg on.

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