Monday, January 16, 2012

Projects, projects & projects

What have I been up to lately. My days are overwhelmed with test and projects.Horribly busy last year, last semester in school.Lack of proper amount of sleep for weeks ever since the term started.Needed money to support myself so took up temporary jobs at roadshow.On Saturday 14th Jan I went to Bedok Point for the F&N roadshow.Freaking far from where I live, but thankfully there's circle line which enable me to reach there within 30-40minutes. Easy job by just pouring the drinks, giving out the samples and inform people about the sure-win lucky draw can already.Hopefully this weekend I put my name on the roster too *prays hard*. But the uniform is damn CNY.(picture below) Speaking of work, my megatex fair the pay brother printer haven't pay me!Faster please, bank is depleting already)):

In F&N uniform and oh I love those Freshkon's shimmering grey contact lense

And i was thinking if i should twist my hair like this for new year instead of tying a pony tail to look better in my intended outfit?Any comments?

I know my eyes are puffy.Ignore those dark circles and eye bags.The result of overwhelming school tests and assignments)):

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