Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Chinese New Year

Happy Dragon Year Everyone!((:

Nail colour for CNY

CNY Day 1 outfit.

As you can see, it's obvious that the black dye didn't work well because my mama didn't help me dye properly.

So windy behind the lorry

The best photo of my n my sister.Don't say that we look alike because we really do not look that alike.I'm from the drain and she's from the rubbish dump(that what my mom always say).

My cuzzie and I!Born in the same year but different month.She's older.

The one on the left most if her youngest sister.

I like this dark chocolate a lot and I really mean it because my favourite is the milk chocolate and I hardly take the dark one.So sad that it is from Canada)): Why SG dun have??

Happy family,not.But no matter what still a family.

Day 2 outfit.Can't stand my hair and I don't know what to do with it.

That me and my mother!

Girls in Black.Yes GIRLS because we are yet 21 and I refuse to believe the fact that I'm turning 20 this year)):

Sharkfin with not so much ingredient because my cousin say due to economy downturn-.- Btw that's my 3rd bowl^^

Steamboat!Ready with ingredients in it some more(Y)!

My favourite angbao packet.Because it's the biggest and looks the best!Gold colour and its reflective!

3rd day visiting with my lil piggy!

This year's CNY feels different.Probably because there's too much to worry about.Stuffs like will I be able to finish my project in time,exams,graduation trip(the one I look forward to most) and what the hell am I gonna do after I graduate.Yes most probably I further my studies and get a private degree because my results couldn't make it to the local's,but in the mean time I have to find a full time job.I wished I had better directions in my life. Okay well just this short post better than nothing.Got to do my projects now.Endless pain)):

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