Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life of a Year 3 Student

Horrible eye bags and dark circle)):

Yay me!Thank god IMC (integrated marketing communications) teacher moved presentation from tomorrow to friday.Else it'll be a sleepless night for me.Even though have to go back to school on a none school day, for once i'm pretty thankful=x Anway there's still plenty to do.Keep getting reminded of unfinished workloads and some people don't even bother to help!Why are they so bloody selfish?Wtf!I didn't choose this.I HAD NO OTHER CHOICES!Nevermind 7 more school days to end these bullcrap with these kind of people.I can only say friend is just an overstatement.

Let's see my mundane school life:
Wednesday-tutorial and lecture(not sure)
Thursday-Customer Behaviour Report submission and presentation
AND IB(international business) project meeting
Friday-IMC Report submission and presentation again-.-

Next monday-CCM (contact centre management) report submission and presentation
Tuesday and Wednesday-normal lesson(doesn't really matter)
Thursday-IB report submission and presentation
Friday-Study break!!(perhaps working)

See how boring,busy and no life a student's life is?Okay but I don't want to grow up too soon either.

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