Friday, January 20, 2012

Just school & stuffs

Horrible looking with dark circles,heavy eyebags and frizzy hair)):

I'm wearing the old topshop purple uniform because I'm gonna dye my coloured hair back to black and i don't need or want that uniform anymore. Can't stand the ugly sight of my hair being half black and the other coloured because apparently the previous black dye didn't work and my hair that was golden brown turned black only for a few days and slowly fade to reddish brown.If i had a choice, I would dye red. Bu my hair is too damaged and my scalp can't take chemicals anymore else i would slowly become bald.Need to go for haircare treatment already!

Spongebob fortune cookie and the message in the cookie "Dreams do come true, get ready to roll!"

My class's personal mentor is just too cute.Ms Evon Lew bought us this cookie because it's CNY.So sweet of her.The best teacher in poly I've ever had!Super caring and thoughtful, maybe because she's a mother too.

Anyway that day 17Jan was Service Operations and Quality Management(SOQM) presentation and it went pretty well I would say.Aiming for at least a B+ i hope:/ Last lap of poly life really drained us all mentally and physically. And that explains my poor complexion. After presentation still need to go home and study for International Business paper. The test weightage is freaking 30% and the lectures cover is equivalent to exam.One hell paper!

Hairs up and prepare to fight!!!Mugging very hard for International Business test and there goes another sleepless night with the company of Redbull Classic!

Look at how fast and long my bangs had grown!

But it hasn't grown fast and long enough for me to tuck them behind my ears)): and its pretty annoying.

I am so broke for this CNY.Just hope the angbaos I collect will be plenty!There's so many things I want to do and buy.Can't wait!

There's still 4 more projects to be done before the finals: Integrated Marketing Comm, Personal Selling, Contact Centre Management and International Business.The reason why I don't have the CNY feel.Can't stop worrying about whether those projects can be done in time to meet the deadlines))': Just kill me man.Argh!!

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