Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ended class early today and wanted to buy things so badly so,I trained down to Raffles City alone.And as it was damn freaking early, I walked around aimlessly till i saw Watsons.I don't know why every I like to go Watsons so much when I've been there like always.So I always wanted to get an eyebrow pencil to cover those gaps but couldn't decide which brand and didn't want to anyhow spend although it's not that very expensive.

Then itchy backside me saw Za's and just purchase lah.On impulse one.I don't know what had gotten into me either.And guess what?The next moment after I text my bbg if she's awake to help me decide on which clothe to buyi , she told me she's going JB.DAMN!!Should have just resisted and wait a little more long.There is so much cheaper)): Oh well buy already nevermind lor.

I chose natural brown w/o even tester(no tester-.-) hoping it's look good on me.Hee..

There!My purchase from Mango.Mad love!

Then my life revolves around school work again.Had only 2 or 3 hours of sleep because I did project till 4am and I have class in the morning at 8am.Yeah FML.And I overslept because I thot the vibration from my BB was notifications and messages(seeing it sub-consciously).Butttt it was my alarm!Before the loud music even played i snoozed it.Suppose to wake up at 7am but I know confirm snooze(bad habit) so I set the alarm at 6.20am.Too tired already aye.Snooze for an hr plus before I realised I'm so gonna be late for class.Awesome student like me finally made it to class but was late for almost an hour.Thank god teacher nice enough to mark my attendance.But no debarment already mah exam timetable released.

A lot of time spend on some work which might not even cost a lot of marks.To do a mock membership card for customer behaviour report.So from this:

To this(don't know wtf am I doing right?Seeee),

Tadah!!End product((: (satisfied smile).

Not to remind me that there's still IMC's marketing collaterals to do=x Ohhh and also the worse part:Editing.Always do until no need to sleep.It's okay.For the sake of my grades and anyway last sem, less den 1 week left of school!Minus the exam part after these 1st.

Sigh.............Want next week to hurry end!First time ever I don't mind examinations.

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