Friday, February 10, 2012

Final Year Exams are Over!

Pictures taken all by my bb camera and the quality is damn lousy. Too bad I don't own a proper and simple digital camera. Below are some random n outdated pictures taken a few days or weeks ago but didn't have time to upload them.Past 2 weeks had been a hell lot of projects submissions.But finally, it's all over.Fuckyeah!

Laniege's sun block that my bbg help me to purchase.Like how fair and shiny my face looks after applying.

Got bored of projects and started rolling in bed to slack awhile.

Do International Business project until wanna go crazy already.So many things to check!

Oh and my damn irritating fringe that I can't wait for it to grow till my chin length >:(

Look how crazy it is!So many figures and so many tabs to keep searching and searching for information and data.Stupid Argentina-.- End up finish all analysis also conclude not to venture business abroad.I still damn scared my group will kena scolding like Ernest's group when they chose not to invest:/ Jitters>.<

And recently the sun has been too over-hardworking!Look at what it had done to my leg)): uneven tan. Oh btw the floor is carpet because I took a few hours break fr0m IB and head to Hougang plaza for pool session with Hairul^^ Of course I got my shorty rider to come along with me.Actually I was the one tagging along.Heehee.

Last day of school with class and the last presentation)): mixed feelings.Still have exams to prepare for anw.

Tried on the bralet I bought from Topshop a few days ago for fun^^ Good thing tummy not showing.But when bend and sit down is another thing already*gulp*

Obviously strawberry flavour.But guess what it is!

Egg tart!!Dr Horkey's treat((: (Y) There so many flavours too.I've tried the original and strawberry one.I love it!And the filling still taste like normal egg tart, except the top flavouring.

Why Dr Horkey, because I went back to help out for roadshow on Friday and Saturday mah.And I have Jasrel, Sheryl and Wenhui's company.But poor them still have to work later.Anw last day already.Heehee I didn't wanna work on Sunday so I didn't give my schedule.

When we train home the 2nd night we chat a lot instead of sleeping.Really damn tiring, no joke.2 weeks of not enough rest all thanks to projects, then finish already still need to work. They make me feel and think different.Like as if I have somemore new founded friend.And again I wonder how long this friendship would last.

Just one more week to exams!

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