Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Visit, Shop, Eat at Bugis

This post came 2 weeks later, but better late then never right? The day when girlfriend and I got too bored and decided to go do some shopping after her TEP.Met her at Bugis in the late evening after going for an interview and collecting my skincare gift.

Outfit for the day: Hoodie cardigan from Topshop, White spaghetti top from Cotton On and red polka dots bottoom from The Outliers.Pardon the level of clarity because I'm still figuring out this borrowed camera from my Girlfriend.

And as usual visit to my favourite shop,Topshop Topman!I certainly missed working there and the people that I'd known.But I have my reasons for not going back to work beside studies at that point of time.

Grelyn and me

Yasin the cute old boy.I look so horrible slouching because my bag's kinda heavy!

Ashari aka Mr Potato.

Dinner at Waroeng Penyet as it was too late already and not much places are opened.

Bored and hungry of waiting for food.

Nasi Ayam Padang and Nasi Ayam Penyet.Still don't think it's as nice as the one beside Seng Huat(Also at Bugis).

Okay tired and time to head back home!

End up back at Khatib station not on.y did we not head straight home, but still sit down and chat for almost another hour before I saw Dilys walking out of the control station and followed her for company on the way home.

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