Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Been thinking of getting a tatoo since as young as Primary school.The one that intrigued me was actually on of the computer course teacher.I was seated on a roller chair in the Com lab listening to the instructor when I sudden start to scrutinise her.Don't get me wrong I'm not a psycho or whatsoever.But as long as someone catches my attention, will check them out.Always w/o fail.Be it interesting(with character/pretty/handsome OR they're weird).

And when I do that and my friend catches me, They would tell me I look more like staring and it's pretty scary.I got no idea why.Either I look fierce while staring like the person stepped on my tail or I might look weird staring like that.Back to that instructor, she had this sort of band tatoo around her ankle which I like it a lot.And it looks cool.

Ever since than I've been wanting to get a tatoo.Growing up seeing more and more tatoos(ugly/nice deemed in my eyes) make me want it more.Friends and cousins with tatoos talking about them and those w/o telling me why I should or shouldn't.I feel that whether a tatoo is nice or not it depends on how the person look at art and of course the tatoo artist himself/herself.And IF I were to get one, it'll be either on/around my ankle,my wrist or the back of my neck area.I even thought of the design!

Yes, diamond.

I would probably choose this to be at the back of my neck >0<

I even Googled the meaning of a diamond symbol.It also depends on the wearer and how it is displayed.It can mean beauty(with flowers or something like that), extravagance, everlasting love for marriage and etc.There's no precise meaning.One of the meaning that caught my attention was a strong statement of personality.And I like it!I think it suits me best.Idk so don't ask why.

Butttttttt there are reasons to why I have been thinking about it yet not getting it.
1) My parents (They care a lot about other people's comment and judgements, which I hate a lot)

2)Hendrick (He might not agree-waste money or natural is beauty, his favourite line)

3)I'm afraid I might regret (50-50)

4) Scared of pain!

See so many things to consider.Sigh, I'm a very indecisive person and that also explains why up till now I haven decide on the schoool and course I want for University(been 2 weeks since after exams), why I can shop so long and not buy a single thing and take ages to make big and risky decisions.My friend say I'm an over-thinker.Some times it could be a good thing because I see things from different view and analyse the situation or it could be a flaw, which can be quite annoying at times when I have to make on the spot decision!

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