Sunday, March 4, 2012

Up at 3am

This is badddddd!Bad for my complexion and health. Look who's sick)):

Eww w/o any makeup.Okay shuddup I look shag ttm ikr.

I'm a happy girl!Finally after whining about my cravings for Lao Ban's tau huey ever since Weilun bought to share during study week, I get to buy mine!You JELLY???

Don't know is i suay or what.Went down to Old Airport Rd twice and both time also didn't manage to get.Boo!First time was because we (Girlfriend, Clarence n Me) were too late.The second time is a super wasted trip to travel from Yishun all the way down to see an empty hawker center.Why?It was Wednesday and B said it's market washing day(either every fortnightly or end of the month's Wednesday).Cause me to be upset TTM!

Yay!It's gonna be my turn after 3 more person^^

Bought 10!For B's family and mine((: Wanted to buy more but the both of us didn't withdraw money the the only amount left in my wallet is $15 bucks.Spent all!

Smooth and creamy.I like! Some people say it's overrated but why still the nong nong queue?Okay personal preference mah. Hehe >0< gonna devour it!

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