Friday, April 13, 2012

Genting Trip

Finally after almost a month! Fyi I went Genting for 5d4n late March with WTS.Believe it or not,it's my first time going to Genting.People goes:"Huh?Why so many days?Not boring meh?" Hello, also must see your companion mah.I go with my bbg of course won't so boring lah! Yes we do have times when we got nth to talk about but the silence is comfortable.After 6 hours of bus ride(I sure hate it) we finally reached!

First thing I'm like omg so cold!Lucky i took my cardigan out from my luaggage before I board the bus.And time to check in to First World Hotel!I got kinda high standard for hotel room but when I reach I'm like huh............

So plain and lousy.Not nice one.And the pillow ma chiam no pillow so horrible)): Caused me headache!

Then head to find this rock which is those that bring luck I think?After walking and walking for like 20 minutes,at last!

Thankful for her((:

On our way back we see 3 lazy bums!

So cute right?

2nd day already planned to go KL and do shopping! Nothing much but bought back a pink shorts for only SGD$7. So cheap right! And I manage to get bubbletea(Ding Tea) for the longest time I'm whining for(I must be damn annoying). No pictures to show because we too busy shopping and eating already!

3rd day we went to Mushroom and Strawberry farm. Had our lunch there and it wasn't that bad.No food to show because too hungry already.

See how foggy it is from the cable car.We were on our way to the Strawberry farm!

The ride was about 20 minutes.So long)): but for strawberries I don't mine.^^

Both of us damn stupid.We asked how we could get to the farm and the bus driver there told us just go up straight and turn right.Sounds very near right?We walked about 15 minutes and 80% of the road is uphill-.- So exhausting please.

See this and thought the farm is just ahead.So happy.End up it's even further then we thought.

Halfway up a driver stopped and asked if we would wanna hitch a ride and even told us he's not a baddie don't worry.Who is a bad person and will say it out loud?!-.- But we of course rejected his offer because so dangerous only both of us=x 

Happy with Mr Strawberry((:

End up the strawberries disppoint me.All so punny.

The floor so nicely painted with strawberries.

They have bee hive too.

The "Restaurant"(just normal food stall).Cute table and seats uh?

Menu also so nice.

Strawberry juice and pure honey

Strawberry chicken wings.Damn yummy!Should have ordered more to takeaway back to hotel.

The lady we bought powdered drinks from gave us this strawberry bag for free because we bought so many!The bag actually cost SGD$5.90 if I'm not wrong.

Okay not long after it's time to catch the last car ride back to take Skyway train.

On our way back!

I look like some auntie going to market-.-

So much clearer now 

My powdered drinks!From left to right,all strawberry flavoured: Coffee, Milktea and Chocolate.I love both the chocolate and milktea.I bought the coffee one for my mom.

Bear with camwhore shots!

She's pretty and I don't understand why she dislike taking picture.Stop with being fat please.

Similar tops we brought!

Same teddy brown cardigan((:



Braid done by my bbg.

How about short hair?

Like Kappa logo eh?

I look like I have constipation-.-

My face like a bit squarish huh?

Now looks like I've got oval/round face.

Got model the feel?

KFC breakfast the next morning!New in Malaysia.But when I come back Singapore don't have)):

Oh and I tried Marrybrown too and it's kinda like Arnold's.But I prefer Arnold's chicken.Hmmm..Anyway Genting's a good and cooling place to chill for a few days.

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