Monday, April 16, 2012

April(2) Weekly Food Goodies!

Been real busy with training and I've not felt such tiredness for a long time. Probably because I've stopped working and took only temporary jobs like events to get some extra income. Yes it's equally tired when work and school comes together but it's just on and off not the nagging kind of tiredness. Guess I'm back to the same old routine. Hopefully I can pull through the next 3 years.

Well here are the yummies!

Instant Seafood Chowder

Oh I love this.Durian!And I prefer sweet ones, how about you?Sweet of Bitter?

Reminisce childhood snack like Haw Flakes!And it's a big one. 

Bak Ku Teh, Pig's live and Meat ball soup.A bit too much pork eh?Not bad though, but I have yet to taste any Bak Ku Teh which I would put my thumbs up for.

Zenya's Greentea with Promegranate.It's a little sweet for those who don't take much sweet stuffs.

Sliced Fish Soup.God damn fresh!Ordered the $10 for more fish.

Chong Pang Hawker Centre

!. This is good.Sambal Chicken Rice.I'm upset though because I had to have my plate of food changed for another because of a fly in the rice.Eeww, but at least they changed it for me. And they are famous for their Nasi Lemak too!

2. Tried Sedap Mee Goreng(seafood) the 2nd time there for lunch. I can taste the tomato sauce used and I would prefer a spicer one. Those who don't take spicy food you could try it.

Both 1 and 2 at: The Sun Coffee Planet(Halal if I'm not wrong) 
- Just behind Great World City
54 Zion Rd Singapore 247779

At City Plaza's Poon Nah City Home Made Noodles (Level 5)

My Abalone Mee Hoon Kuey. Oh and they have it dry too in case you have yet to try.

I love this when I tasted it for the very 1st time!Salted Egg Pork Rice. At Far East Plaza Level 3 beside Cahaya. Sorry I didn't note down the store name, but it's very easy to find because if you were to take the lift up, it's right in front((:

Awesome drink to quench your thirst for humid weather in Singapore this season @ Chomp Chomp

Share with me your favourite and be back for more mouth watering indulgence^^

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