Saturday, April 7, 2012

April(1) Weekly Food Goodies

Be patient.Genting trip's post is gonna be up so long as I get those pictures from my lazy bbg-.- Now and every week I'm going to share with all of you my tummy's satisfactions((: Gee, don't be jelly^^

Aiyu Mango and Rock Melon Sago from Dessert Bowl

Homemade sweet corn using Fairprice's Corn Kernel

Was trying to fry some dry onions to slightly darker than golden brown to put in porridge or soup.Looking good uh?But first attempt failed and it all got burnt because I was busy with my phone-.- But 2nd was successful.Oops.

This is minced meat and prawns with mayo wrapped with wanton skin.Learn from tv programme(Men's Talk).

And finally I managed to wake up for Burger King's breakfast!First time trying the croissant(bacon) and it really taste good!No wonder people keep asking me to try because my usual at BK is egg benny.

Trying to be artistic with mayonise

Guo Tie.Ugly because not I wrap one and taste good because I fried em.Except for 2 which I didn't pay attention to again.Real easy to make.Ingredient:minced meat,spring onions(I dislike it btw),prawns and water chestnuts.Yes water chestnut because it will make the guo tie more crunchy.And just norml marination with soya sauce,oyster sauce,sesame oil,pepper and corn flour.

When it's done you can dip it in mayo or sliced ginger with my favourite black vinegar.

Okay were all these enough to make you drool?Be back for more next week((:

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