Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March's Trove

Well again this is my March's beautiful surprise from Vanity((: Can't wait to check the items out!>.<

Sorry Victoria.I accidentally had your name cut out from the picture=x

So all subscribers of Vanity was told that there would be 2 types of troves for March.Brighten up of Go for Glow.Which one you get will depend on your luck.And guess what?I was pretty lucky!I got the brighten up one which I wanted((:

There,Dior Snow and Hydra Life, Salvatore Ferragamo's  Eau de Parfum(which apparently will last longer than Eau de Toilette),Star Lash's eyelashes,Candy doll's powder foundation and lastly, Princess Pinki's natural flush for cheeks and lips.

My favourites from the trove:

Salvatore Ferragamo-The perfume really smells good!I might consider getting it when the other 2 of my Eau de Toilette from Ralph Lauren(still my all time favourite scent) and CK's finishing.I cant use so many because I have the tendency of neglecting the other very often.

Star Lash-Keeping it for occassion to wear it because I hardly really put on full makeup.Even if I do,it'll be light.

Oh and the unique thing is Princess Pinki's.When you squeeze it out from the tube,it's like translucent gel kind.The colour only appear after awhile!For a moment I thought it's just like care for lips and cheeks because I don't see anything!Hahaha.

Okay so do you want to get a box of vanity full of surprises?Sign up here!And join their Facebook page for more updates((: The April's one is gonna be out soon!(Something like Pretty in a Palette).

Did I mention that the 2 tea(sakura and strawberry something)I got from my February trove was delicious??

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