Monday, May 21, 2012

Class of 2012 Graduation

I promise this will be short and sweet.

21st May 2012 the day I officially graduate from Nanyang Polytechnic. Plenty of mixed feelings. Been through lots of ups and downs and in a blink of eye 3 years have past. I almost teared when Elizabeth Quek made a speech on behalf of the graduates of SBM. 

Even though I don't feel much of the belonging to NYP but these 3 years in school there's many people I've met and things I've learnt that changes my life. People that I will never forget and things that have made me learned my lessons. Nevertheless it'd been a fruitful and awesome 3 years. Give me another chance to start afresh and make a choice again, NYP would still be my choice((: 

Awesome friends and lecturers that made this whole journey worthwhile. Of course it is also the place where I met the love of my life^^

Yes I did it!

Hendrick and me. Look at my plastic smile@_@ and my hair is in such a mess.

My Mommy <3


Dilys. Yay to the Double D!

Hello BFF((:

Hendrick's sister and mother.

Best picture taken of Us.

With my baby girl.

My best Personal Mentor ever!Ms Evon Lew((:

With Dorothy!

With the babes! We are Double DJ. Not in order: Dilys, Daphne(Me), Jeslynn & Jolene. Get it?

The Class BM0933! A pity half of them are not in the photo)): 

I can't believe I've graduated and survived 3 years of Poly! And yes this is just another milestone in life and I'm going to embark on another journey in my life. Thank you everyone for making my life in poly so damn awesome!

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