Monday, May 14, 2012

May's Weekly Food Goodies (3)

More temptations this time round. Had quite an awesome week with the at work and of course food((: I was thinking what if one day I ran out of nice food to tempt and introduce my readers (not like I had many-.-) to, then I guess I would probably change t update something new weekly. Maybe its no longer all about food but more of the week's highlight yes?

Black Pepper Salmon Don @ Ichiban Boshi at Great World City. Of course there are other outlets available.

My colleague gave this to me! Hehe I used to like munching on this sweet but its kinda expensive and too much of sweetness. My favourite flavour is the strawberry.

Fried fish noodles at the Fish soup stall.

Newly opened Kopitiam after renovation at Northpoint Shopping Mall on 4th May. Was afraid the vendors were changed and there would no longer be nice yummy food in the food court. Yes I was happy when I dine there the 1st time after renovation and more than 1/2 of the vendors remain^^ 

And they so nice gave a Kopitiam card with $1.40 (drink kopi) value to all the residents (1 per household) living in Yishun.

Hendrick's Salmon terriyaki rice from the same stall.

Ohhhh I love this curry. Hendrick's mom cooked it. Even better than my mom's.Oops =X

What calls for a celebration? Haha for fun! Love the taste of this sparkling juice. Above flavour: grape juice with rasberry. The worse flavour is white grape.

Tried this new Nissin cup noodle Cream of Chicken because it looks interesting. Conclusion is it tastes normal only. The soup doesn't even taste creamy enough at all. Still prefer the Chilli Crab & Tomyum one.

Yummy economic rice at Amk Blk 325 and forever long queue since I'm young till now. It only opens at 7pm if I'm not wrong and they rest on either Mondays or Tuesdays. The fish super meaty! Idk what fish is that though but I'm guesssing red snapper? 

Mocktail: Gummy Bear. Really taste like one.

The Manhattan Fish Market for brunch on Mother's Day. Sadly not with my mother)): I feel so upset I couldn't even treat her a meal because I have yet to get my pay. Nevermind pay back time on her birthday.

Garlic Herbs Mussels

All The Cheese Platter with fish nuggets, calamari, grilled cajun chicken and butter rice.

Fiery Cherry Snapper with Mussels. The fish not very nice as it taste like marinated with curry powder.

Hope this week there'll be more yummies((:

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