Friday, May 11, 2012

Maternity Look-.-

Been working a lot lately and I haven been enjoying working as much as now. And minus the awful and nasty customers and mistakes made. Maybe for now only until when I get sick and tired of it already than I'll probably start complaining. I really just can't stand the uniform. Colour is sweet but it makes the person wearing it look older/pregnant IMO and not to mention that the material is terribly lousy. I had enough of people telling me I look more mature (to be nice). Can't wait for them to change the uniform!!!

Got airstewardess feel? Being one used to be my ambition until I couldn't grow further and I gave up the thought of it.

Had a change of hairstyle because if I keep tying all my hair up I think I really will bald more. Don't know if it's caused by the shampoo I'm using, but I have been using it for years. I know diet and having sufficient sleeping time plays a part as well. Waiting for the current bottle to finish and I'm considering to try Asience.

Hahahaha. This is how horrible and shag I look after work when I reached home. Ignore the eye bags my face like flawless, even after whole day of makeup at work without touching up right? Super love Kose's Supreme two-way powder foundation. Good coverage! Btw Kose have 3 different range of foundations so check it out if you're interested.

Of course at times I change between Supreme and Za's two-way pact. But I can't help neglecting Za's because now I use I find it like okay only.Mehhh~

Hehe and Alan so nice to drop by Bugis to visit me at work because I was complaining bored and he was on his way out. And he bought me I <3 Taimei's caramel milktea with hearbal jelly Large! See this is what I call a friend that is you xin (in english: have heart) to really wanna meet you no matter what will find their way. And I think my brows that days didn't draw properly. Left side looks longer XD

And I got this Peace sign black and gold belt from Topshop. Last piece some more! A little pricey but I confirm won't regret one because I don't have any nice belts. Wanted to get a black belt for work because pants is loose and my belt broke but so nice use for work a bit wasted right.

Oh well that's that. And here comes my 3 off days! Other than accompanying B and friend I really don't mind working for the rest of my available days. Too free also very boring. I must be crazy @_@

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