Monday, May 7, 2012

May's Weekly Food Goodies! (2)

This month is not so boring because of work. Maybe because too long I haven been working constantly so it's not so mundane for me. And every time when I go to a new counter, I have to learn how to go there as some places are a distance from the MRT station, where to get cheap food etc. And I officially hate messy counters! Very disorganise super difficult to find product and check price leh because I'm still quite new I'll take me some time to remember the price for ALL products =X Okay so time for yummy pictures!

Wadori@Clementi Mall: There's bacon with asparagus and the rest are yakitori chicken. I don't really like to eat pork so much now because every time when dining with b's dad, he definitely order pork. Pork lover.

1. There pork again. Stir rib pork with idk what sauce.

2. Fried prawn fritters or something like that

3. The nicest heng chye I've eaten from a zhi char stall.

1-3 from a mainly zhi char coffeeshop at Yishun St72 Blk 748 (S)760748
It's all the way at the end of the block.

Udon with egg and prawns @ Nex beside MacDonalds. Sorry I kept forgetting to take note of the stall name but I assure you the directions given is accurate! I was greedy because I thought the udon would be too little and not enough to last me till I end work so I ordered 2 piece sushi as well and the conclusion is I couldn't finish the udon-.- Mad full!

Yummy!Horlick and chocolate sorbet(I think) from Salted Caramel at Upp Thomson Rd.Right in front of a bus stop beside Udders.Just a small road path after Astons. The chocolate taste very much like dark chocolate but not too bitter.

Look at my original chicken drumstick from KFC!You will see how BIG it is when you order the original one. True size! Ahhh..I miss Arnold's.

Nasi Ayam Penyet. For those who dont know, it's Indonesian crushed chicken. Tried many and this i still my favourite from bugis. Beside Bugis Junction beside Seng Huat. It's NOT at Tong Seng coffeeshop okay. Their Murtabak is not bad either^^

Hehe and my favourite Ribena. I don't know why some people don't like this gassy one.I like! Okay shut up bitch your business.*rolleyes*

Prawn and Char Siew Zhu Chang Feng at Chong Pang. People living in Yishun should know! Their go hiong super nice too!*Greedy* Just a stall beside the Sliced Fish Soup I'd mentioned in I think the 1st or 2nd food goodies.

Tempted you at all?XOXO.

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