Saturday, May 5, 2012

Simple DIY Nail Art

I love to paint my nails when I'm idling with the mood to do so. My mom hates it because of the smell and told me not to keep painting my nails because breathing the smell in is not good for health. Okayyyyyyyy. But I still do so, however less often due to more hectic schedule as I started working again.

A vain girl like me would be intrigued but the pretty little things that will help make you look good in a way or another. Everyone is vain in their own way. I think my level of being vain is just around the middle range? 

I prefer a pedicure more than a manicure because I'm a pretty rough and clumsy girl considering I do sports and might bang into something or drop something occasionally. But the pictures you are going to see are more of the finger nails. I hardly do nice designs on my toe nails because if I wear a shoe, everything is pointless. Anyway I do my finger nails for fun only. All the time, because it never lasted me more than 5 days maximum. 

I can do the below designs all by myself. They're pretty simple except for the leopard prints one. I don't like to spend a few 10 bucks to pay people for a mani or pedi. One of the reasons is that I find it a waste of money because I feel that I can apply the nail polish steadily and quite nicely myself so why spend the money?

Black and White Polka Dots (Faceshop)

Gradient Effect (Faceshop)

Looks like mickey mouse, yes?

Milky Nude with Black French (Faceshop)

There! The simplest and my favourite. (OPI)


Been searching for this shade of gold for the longest time and I got it when I went for my Genting trip((: (Nature Republic) Too bad the ones in SG all closed down. Guess business wasn't good here.

Got this picture from zoeraymond for reference. Btw I have this shade of red polish too^^

I love this! But idk how the person do it. Is it this bottle of china glaze that does the beauty? Tell me if you know!

Stick on UK flag from Topshop! Have yet to check it out though. They have other designs too.Besides, there's Sally Hansen also.

This is what I mean by paddlepop colour! Of course without the polka dots and ribbons. But the green needs to be more pastel and baby pink instead of that light red would be perfect!

This is what I'm trying to figure out =X Doesn't seem easy.

Tried this DYI marble nail on my sister's nails.Hee First attempt a bit fail thought. Never mind. Practise makes perfect. (Faceshop)

The index finger one is the nicest! (Faceshop & Etude House)

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