Monday, June 18, 2012

Daphne fois

Why I chose this title was because I like how french language sound and spell differently and I never got and don't think I want to learn it. To me it's a chore I find troublesome. I was just interested. Daphne fois means Daphne's times in English. I hope I got it right from the translator because I've got no friends that knows french. There'll be no more Weekly Food Goodies post because I won't always eat different, awesome food and can't produce enough photos to post and entice you, my reader. Anyway I'll change the title again because I don't think it's quite nice.

I was again busy with school and work. I did spend some time not giving myself too much stress when actually I feel damn tensed because exam is in 1 month's time! Badly want to passed this two modules (Econs and Maths). Thanks to my cousin who is willing to tutor me whatever she can on A maths. I'm still confused at certain part and she's not sure. I must be 100% aware of A maths before 19th July comes =X No one can help me for Econs except myself. I feel more hardworking now than I am last time. I must persevere!

Went on an impromptu meeting with Clarence for swimming at Orchid Country Club. It is for club members but he just brought me there. I was so afraid there would be random security checks >.< 1st time there and I'm like a sua gu wowing at the toilet facilities-.- So nice please. Locker room and lounge for drying hair is air-conditioned. Toilet is so damn clean and there is room for sauna too! See I sound so excited again because I've never been to sauna. 1st time too!

Changing rooms

Even have curtains to draw when showering so belongings won't get wet. And the shower is big with your choice of the water temperature. And it's the pull kind so you don't have to keep pressing when the water runs out-.-

Didn't manage to get a picture of the locker room because I was freezing inside and sauna too hot for my phone ah. I would love to go there for a swim again. No membership and *crossfingers* won't get checked.

Got these Lactacyd samples in my mail early last week. It took them so long to send the samples and I've already bought it myself, but they are so generous!5x 5ml packet. Keeping it for swimming/overseas trip. Girls we need it to care for our v-zone (vijayjay).

New Chup Chups lollipop flavour(grape)? My favourite is the strawberry one((:

Black Tea Macchiato

Noob me wanted to try Macchiato so asked on twitter how it's supposed to be drank. 1st time drinking it and I love it. Shall try the Green Tea one next time.

It's Father's Day and Im out to Melben Seafood for dinner!

Salted Egg Pork Ribs

Heehee.Chilli Crab

Steamed Red Snapper

Hot Wok Tofu

Black Pepper Crab

Yummy!I had a fatisfied dinner. Halfway through the movie "The Secret" and I believe it'll change my life greatly((: 

"You ask the universe for what you want, and it will find a way to deliver it to you. You don't have to figure out how to achieve it, the universe will just guide you there."


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