Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Youngest's 1st Book Out

Meet the clique because our youngest is booking out of army for the very 1st time. We met earlier for dinner at Old Airport Road (yums!) before catching a movie at GV Yishun which wasn't the original plan. But anyway I got to see all of them, and that will end my day well((: 

Me and girlfriend after queuing for Lao Ban's beancurd. 

Our favourite

Happy me((:

Then it started to turn dark already and finally tardy king Eugene is here.

Clarence queued and waited for this for half an hour at least!

This came in 20 mins which wasn't quite a long wait compared to the rest of the food.

This satay was the longest wait!I thought I heard the auntie told me 15 mins I ordered. The funny thing is 15mins later we went back to the stall and waited but didn't get our order so I asked the lady standing beside me if there is a queue number or something because I heard the auntie calling out numbers and she told us there is and she waited for 40 mins already *omg face*. But the table we were seated have no number!!! Then girlfriend went to the front to ask the stall auntie and she said there's still 60 more pork satays to be grilled until our order-.- Fine!We went back to eat the other food we ordered. Mad hungry!

This better taste god we thought. Oh well, it did.

There's still fried oyster omelette that Eugene queued for about half an hour but we gobbled it up before remembering to take a picture of it. Don't know why eat also so painful make ourselves wait for 2 hours for all of the food.Howevert it's the good food that's worth the wait >.<

Back at Yishun  waiting for Zhen Wei and the youngest, Wei Lun.

Eugene caught Clarence snapping away happily because he's using my girlfriend's S3-.- Like a noob.

Idk what's so funny. Perhaps you want to tell me girlfriend?

Idk what with my eyes recently. All the pictures of me shows one big and one small eye)): But that's the fact because I had 4 stitches on my left eye when I was 6/7 years old. I look so ugly in pictures now when I'm already not photogenic.

Clarence looks like a pervert like that! Like up to no good!

There's a bracers smile. 

Okay thanks girlfriend for taking my full length picture with the camera from the top. I look even smaller @_@

Watched "The Dictator". It was so hilarious and kinda dirty. I still think Johnny English is funnier!

Next up I want to watch Spiderman, The Stoogers/Stooges (The movie trailer damn hilarious>The Dictator!) and some other which I don't remember.

Trying something which I used to want so badly and still do. No sure if I'm up to it though because there are many potentials out there. But I'll try, better than regret that i didn't. *prayhard* Practising The Secret^^

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