Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thankful for them

Friends are people you need in your life. Some teach you to be strong and some are there to catch you when you fall. Does it make sense? Okay whatever, just like Spongebob & Patrick, they cannot live without each other and if one is gone the other would wait for his return. Annoying but sweet.

I value friends a lot, or to put it in a more selfish way, I expect a lot from my friend. And I'm pretty glad now at the 20th year of my life, I had met and friend that are worth to keep. To speak the truth, I'm not easy to handle and can be quite strong headed at times and they tolerated me. I do feel bad when I realized how I treat them but I never did say sorry. Ikr I'm such a lousy friend)): 

I get jealous easily when my friends make new friends and I have to trust that they'll not forget me. I can't say I don't mind it doesn't bother me but actually it's killing me a little inside. Idk why perhaps I'm just too sensitive. I cared too much about everything, I always overthink and I worry too much. I can go on and on but I just want to say I'm thankful and grateful for all of my friends that had been with me through it all and are still by my side. Thank you. I love you all <3 muah!

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