Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Day I Enter Club 20

8th JUNE

Before I even turn 20 years old, I got home after work and was surprised by my wonderful Secondary friends. So glad we are still in contact. All I kept saying that night when I saw them was OMG OMG OMG~ Like I really didn't expect 7 of them to turn up and surprise me at my doorstep. Guess I'm quite a lucky girl afterall.

But their surprise a bit fail because I heard sounds outside my house. And than shhh so I kinda expected that. Hahaha! But I was only expecting 2 then turn out to be 7.Wee~

See I'm still in my work uniform!

Wasn't expecting my girlfriend because she had to work the next day. Me is so happy.

With Ah Lao.

My darling.


Birdy's missing and short of WeiLun)): That guy go army already!

Everyone who came.

My girlfriend and darling bluff me that it's handmade biscuits so I MUST BE CAREFULL-.-

End up...

Sovil et Titus rose gold watch with leather strap.

I thought my skin tone is not flattering for the watch but I couldn't care less. I was sooo damn happy!

In school with my gossip girls (Jolene and Dilys)

Jo say I look like a tourist smiling for picture taking-.-

Jack's Place for dinner.

See I'm still so happy that I'm grinning from ear to ear. 

N.Z Ribeye Steak

Forgot what salmon is this.

Another surprise awaited me at Hendrick's place.

With Hendrick's sister, Herena.

Okay pretty much can relate to me. Thanks.

From Dilys. I have been wanting to get a new goggles because mine broke long ago. Finally!

From my babygirl.

Although it's a short day for a simple celebration, I'm still so grateful and glad for the people around me((: I feel so loved!Thank you everyone for making my 20th birthday so memorable. And I want to thank my cousin for lending me her DSLR too((:

Lots of Love
xoxo ^^

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