Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Now that I'm better with A Maths thanks to my cousin, I'm going crazy over econs. I've no nuts what the lecturer is talking about and I've never felt so afraid in my study life before, except fearing that I would retake modules =X

School aside I bought this roughly a week ++ ago because my colleague recommended me. It's eye lash serum that helps to grow and strengthen lashes. Talika is good but it's expensive!This is like 3 times lesser the price and it's a Japanese brand so nothing to be scared of if it's a wate of money. If you are a hardcore shopper you would've realizes Japanese products or of a standard quality.

After 2 weeks of using it I really think it helps! I'm not lying! The right side of my lashes in between closer to the end used to be slightly shorter than the rest, because I used to trim my bangs myself (don't trust the hairdressers) and I accidentally snipped of a little of my precious lashes)): Now it'd grown back^^

I bought this to see if it works for my sweaty feet and palm. Of course the roll-on is for the under arm. The one for hand and feet is the lotion. My sister tried the roll-n one and claimed that it worked for her. The lotion had to be used for a least a week to see desirable effect and it's my 2nd day using it. I guess it kinda helped? I don't feel my feet sweating that much so it'll help to control the odour sweaty feet will give out when wearing covered shoes.

p.s. : The lotion was sold out at several Watsons outlet before I found it at Guardian.

 Chocolate Cornflakes!

You don't just simply use any chocolate to melt it! Only baking chocolate!

Double boiling.

It should look like that after all melted. Can't be too thick else it's hard for biting.

Time to fold in the cornflakes!

Everyone I've made the chocolate cornflakes for love it!Heehee (^^,) These are for my colleagues((:

Okay a random picture of me makeup-less. Next time I'll post the before and after makeup picture to show  you the power of makeup. But I guess you'd already known. Was just being lame-.-


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