Saturday, July 7, 2012

Love Bonito's Warehouse Sales

One thing I like about Love Bonito is their unique design and daring colours. So, I was a fan of their facebook page and I was informed there's going to be a warehouse sales on the 5th, 6th and 7th July. Therefore I decided to head there after school with the girls on Thursday!

First time shopping was so damn tiring. It's like you want to find something, you have to dig for it. Pull it out, not the item you like? Drop it back down and dig again. And we took a long time there because we were waiting for the crews to replenish bit by bit and hoping to grab the nice stuffs! >.< Hungry and tired so the girls accompanied me to have one of my favourite tom yum there! My another favourite was the one at Rallfes Hospital's Banquet but it renovated and changed to subway)):

Extra chilli padis^^ The last time I had it was last year October before my attachment ends.

We dabao-ed Lao Ban's Beancurd home!

Happy girl got 3 items

Not bad for me either. I've got two!

This was the dress I got and it's only $10!!! So cute right? The other item was a wine red bandage skirt with 2 zips.

Okay enough of shopping and mugging have to start)): All the best for my bridging exams!

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