Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thy Swaggers

Terribly slow update on this meet up. Too many things to do, but mostly work. Can time pass any slower? I want to fast forward to next Friday already)): 

We usually meet once in quite a long while to shop ,eat, play and catch up. Meet this bunch of Topshop Topman colleagues more often than the rest. People jut need to find time alright!

With the big sister Farisha. So pretty please.

There's the big brother Alan.

Right most is Shakir. 

To-be (Now is) army boy Melvin.

A nicer shot.

After waiting for the late comers, all we did was shop around and have dinner. It took us quite long to decide what's for dinner though. End up Bali Thai is!

Something Dracula drink. I think it is similar to Shirley Temple.

This Tomyum Soup Noodles, sedap!More chilli padi for me please.

My Seafood w XO Chilli Phat Thai Noodle

Alan got this w some sauce I don't remember and Mel got his w the XO Chilli too. Did I get it right? Whatever *rolleyes*

Shakir's rice. The egg so cute.

Satay Kebab as side dish!

And our Mango Glutinous rice for dessert.

Love to meet up with these people. They are vainpots and so I have more reasons to dress up too((:

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