Thursday, August 30, 2012

Food Hoping With The Uni Friends

My DOTD ( Dressing of the Day) 

Denim blouse:Topshop 
White spaghetti top: Cotton on 
Hotpants: Forever 21
Watch: Swatch

So boring that many people are using OOTD. Not the people but the term used. Just don't like to be the same. Was feeling super lazy to dress up and since the purpose of meeting my uni friends are for food, I need something comfortable!

So glad that I met and know this 2 friends from SIM bridging course. They're awesome. And we can talk and gossip about things endlessly. Even when we don't meet, they will spam my whatsapp-.- Okay I love this 2 people((:

I suggested to go food hunting but since we don't know where to go or start from and on budget we just go to wherever place that has things we feel like eating.

1st stop was Yishun 925 Hainanese chicken rice and rojak. I wanted to get Sarah the rojak she was craving for from Khatib but it wasn't opened yet. Sarah remember my cake the next time!

Next we headed to Upp Thomson for Salted Caramel's ice cream. This Jy uh problematic. All flavours she tried she didn't like. She ended up with Strawberry, which Sarah and I thought it tasted like toothpaste. Sarah got the store's signature flavour, Salted Caramel and I got Chocolate Sorbet. Me and my usual chocolate craze.

We were quite full already but still wanted to try something, so I suggested Fat Boy"s which is nearby. I definitely can't eat burger anymore but maybe sides^^ Greedy pig.

The wall's poster at Fat Boy's. We were lucky it just opened at 4pm when we walked there. Plenty of choices aye?

The Menu


The lighting in there was pretty dim with orangey lights (forgot what it's called).

The Bar

I was busy snapping photo for my blog and the 2 of them were deciding what to order.

Than kpo-ing again.

I camwhore myself because I'm sitting at the other side of the table)):

While waiting for our orders.

Spicy drumlet. I can still handle. Even better with tabasco sauce. Yumms *lickfingers*

Pretty ladies with 2 pins of Hoegaarden.

I didn't drink both by myself okay We only order 2 for the 3 of us.

We sat and chill there for about an hour plus till our drinks finished. So I asked if we were heading back or is there something they would like to eat because we were really bloated trying to finish like about 12 drumlets. 

Guess where?
Ritz Cafe further up, away from Fat Boy's. Real gluttons.

Not too bad we 3 shared a mini Strawberry Strudel  because Sarah and I haven't tried this flavour before and they lady so nice. See the 3 of us order 1 and she cut it up into 3 pieces((: 

Finally the 3 of us together. Sarah's head look so gianormous.

All 3 of us look better in this shot.

Till we meet again((:

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