Friday, September 7, 2012

The Remaining of Guys

Kind of an impromptu decision to go party! Not exactly very last minute just that the time and venue isn't confirmed on the day itself. Many of my guys friends are already enlisted to go serve our nation. It's getting kind of boring because there's not much people left to go out with within the clique.

And what happened to me on that very particular Wednes-day was horrible. It wasn't a good start but I'm glad it ended well((: I was so confident that I'm on afternoon shift that day. At 10am+ my phone kept vibrating. Being a terrible light sleeper, I was annoyed because it wasn't time for me to get up yet-.- I woke up and checked my phone and immediately became super wide awake!

My senior text me and ask if I was late for work, because the manager called and said that there was no BA at the counter. I replied "Huh? I pm shift leh". That's it man. Hurry took out my time sheet and indeed I was wrong. I apologised profusely and hurry shower and rush to work. OMG I swear I this must never happen again! Good thing my senior didn't scold me and I had to call office to check if I had to pay back the hours. One of the most terrifying moment. 

Luckily Gina didn't reprimand me, and it would be this way if it was Judy I had to call. She changed my shift to half morning instead so I will not be fined for the late penalty. Phew! Totally can't wait for the night to come. 

Headed home after work to have my dinner and change to meet the party animals. 

Drinking before going on the dance floor. So must cheaper this way.
From left: Eugene, me, Dinika, Cathryn, Cheng Hui and Aaron. Cheng Hui's Cathryn's friend and that Aaron guy is Cheng Hui's friend. Did I lost you?

Us again with Hazel (Aaron's girlfriend) at the right most end.

Me and my dearest girlfriend.

The girls. See the left being blurred? That's Eugene trying to photo bomb.

Ugly ass picture of us. I think I look the most terrible.

See what had late night sleeping turn me into. A walking zombie with big eyebags.

After that night I could hardly feel my legs. I don't really dance but that night was kinda insane but to a certain extent only. It didn't get me high enough to go crazy though. Rebel > Zirca > Rebel > Zirca > Rebel > Zirca. Haven't had fun like that for a long awhile already. Feeling a little old too)): 

Useless Tips:
1. Do not be sober! Even if you don't like drinking, have some unless you really love dancing and you can do it w/o alcohol then whatever-.-
2. Choose the correct company to go with. Especially people who get wasted before 12am. Either control their drinking or not go with them at all or you will end up baby sitting.Oh and people who are not open minded enough, forget asking them. What happens in the club stays in the club. Of course you have to know your limits too.

That's it for now. ^^

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