Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Girlfriend's 20th Mini Celebration

Met the girlfriend for dinner because both of us had to work. Been deciding for a long time where would be a good place to dine at, and I suddenly remember that Bugis had a newly opened Lenas. I don't think it's really newly opened but I had been working around that area but haven't noticed it.

That day was very packed but we walked into the restaurant on our own because no one was there to serve us. They need to manage their manpower. 3 staffs on duty only and half of the restaurant it filled.

There's the birthday girl.

Prawns with Mayonnaise. Pretty disappointing because it was so  small and it cost like $9.90 -.-

Happy girl with her super large portion of spicy chicken. She even forced me to help her eat! Greedy lah order 2 sides some more.

This is my Carbonara. Such a big plate uh?

3 times the size of my face.

End up we couldn't finish our mains. Mad mad full but will definitely go back again! Lenas has plenty of variety in their menu be it mains, pastas, pizzas etc. Good for a greedy pig like me((:

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