Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Reina's Baby Shower

Welcome to the world little princess ((: 

She has so much hair like her mummy! Jas said she could feel itchiness on her belly because of Reina's hair. Hahaha!

Cuteness overloaded..Awww >.<

Jas told me this is how she always look when she sleeps. Happy baby girl^^

Reina's 1st month. Thank you for coming to the world cutie pie. Your mummy and daddy love you <3

Auntie Jasrel

Auntie Sheryl

Auntie Wen Hui

Auntie me, Daphne. Heehee. Isn't she adorable? 

Everyone who attended the baby shower wanted a chance with her. She sleeps so soundly while being passed around. The only time she wakes up is when she's being changed. Deep sleeper like the mummy too!

Mummy, Daddy and Reina with the aunties.

I would love to have a baby girl in future too((: Stay a healthy and happy baby always Reina.

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