Thursday, October 18, 2012

1st Attempt in The Making of Rainbow Cake

Attempted to bake a rainbow cake and headed down to Phoon Huat at AMK to get the ingredients. Super excited!

Will not be posting much regarding the ingredients used in the receipe I got. You will know the reason after finishing reading this post.

First beat the cake mix with the essential sugar and vanilla extract until it becomes crumbly.

This is how the the cake mix looks like after adding egg white. If you're lazy just get the ready made cake mix.

Gel colouring! It will turn out nicer than normal colour dye.

Without parchment paper it's burnt!

Mixing the frosting!

The end product. The frosting a bit fail and so sad that 7 colours became only 3)):  The top 2 turns out well because it's the last 2 we did. Researched a lot on the reasons why I'm not getting the results. Shall try it again the next time and I hope it'll be a success>.<

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